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Jan 17, 2010 6:30pm EST
happened around 6:30 this morningn washington street. it is still closed between king and duke streets walk-throughs repair the damage. the water companies as residents and businesses in the area makes various low water pressure. coming up, how is the weather shaping up for the rest of the holiday weekend? the race for the senate seat in massachusetts is in a dead heat. we'll have the latest from both massachusetts is in a dead heat. we'll have the latest from both ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the race to fill the massachusetts senate seat comes down to the wire. >> how is going, boston? >> just three years -- three days shy of his one-year anniversary in office, obama was back on the campaign trail in massachusetts. >> if you are willing not only to cast your vote for martha coakley, but if you are willing to get out the vote for martha coakley, then you will not just win this election, you will carry on the best, progressive, forward-looking about use of this proud, and well. >> the president and the democrats no more than a seat is at stake. a poll finds an 53% of americans approve of his job performa
Jan 31, 2010 6:30pm EST
us for good morning washington, starting tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. traffic is moving along several lanes of interstate 66 after a crash. a tractor-trailer collided with a -- with a pickup truck just before four o'clock this afternoon. the trailer had pulled over to the shoulder because of a mechanical problem and was hit by the pickup truck. two lanes are still closed at this hour. a washington d.c. area college student was one of two people killed in a house fire in colorado. adam lockard and lucille causley were both students at western state college. >> it was very outgoing. >> i think there is a lot of sadness, a lot of wondering why this had to happen. >> for other people were able to get out of the home. investigators say it appears that the fire started outside of the home. lawmakers in virginia will consider legislation this week that would force health insurance companies to cover certain treatments. virginia does not mandate insurers to cover a treatment called applied behavior analysis. those who opposed it say it would drive up costs. the d.c. mayor approval rat
Jan 3, 2010 6:30pm EST
>> live and i high definition, this is abc 7 at 6:30. >> the washington region is gripped in a deep freeze. bitterly cold tempratures are causing problems around the area. people are trying to cope with the cold without heat or electricity. the deep freeze will affect some school tomorrow. frederick county schools will operate on a one-hour delay. our meteorologist joins us now with a look at ho cold it is going to get >> is going to get cold tonight, but the good news is finally starting to diminish a little bit -- the wind advisory has been cancelled and we're looking at wins out of the north that -- northwest around 20 miles an hour. in the weather center, it feels like one degree above zero in germantown. 11 in silver spring. anyway you look at it, it is cold out there. for tonight, we will call for colder, breezy conditions and not as wendy as earlier. temperatures falling into the mid to upper teens. coming up, we will look at the forecast. are you ready? we could be looking at more snow. i'll tell you when and a few moments. >> it is coming and the deep freeze hit some local
Jan 10, 2010 6:30pm EST
>> we have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. >> a deep freeze grips the washington area, and we are not alone. from vermont to florida, the dangerous cold is causing problems. brace yourself for war bitterly cold weather. steve, how much longer will this stick around? >> about another day or so. we are watching timber tears and wind chill factors all day long. it is only -- watching temperatures and wind chill factors. look out to the west in the mountains. the higher elevations of was regina, we have a wind chill advisory in effect for western allegheny county for the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning. wind chill factors could be well below zero. for the rest of us, it will fall to 5-10 degrees with air temperatures around 10-18. clouds will increase during the daytime hours tomorrow and we do have snow flurries in the forecast. i will tell you what we can expect for the upcoming work and school week. i'll give you a hint, it is going to get a little warmer. >> people in our area have been coping with the bitter cold, but conditions have turned deadly and o
Jan 24, 2010 6:30pm EST
day bombing. >>> three men have been arrested in connection with the stabbing death of a washington-based marine in baltimore. police say private first class darius ray and another man were stabbed at a private house party. the three suspects were arrested this morning. they are now charged with first- degree murder. >>> mourners have started saying goodbye to the victims of last week's shooting rampage in appomattox. services for other victims will be held later this week. police have charged christopher speight for the murder. he's being held without bond. >>> the transit agency is developing a system that would allow the turnstiles at rail stations to accept credit or debit cards. right now, riders have to use smart trippi cards to pay for trips. coming up, the nation's largest retailer announces massive job cuts, but obama recruits new help to move his agenda forward. parents in fairfax county fight for funding for the school. all that is coming ossman ali is a new york cab driver. he doesn't have a business address. he doesn't have a cfo. but he does use digital currency, so he
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5